• Soldbuch to Unteroffizier Werner Brand, issued in October 1939. Brand served with Infanterie-Regiment 278, part of the 95. Infanterie-Division. He missed the 95.ID's action in France due to tuberculosis, but then fought on the Eastern front (Ukraine, Kursk) from June 1941. He was hospitalised during the first winter in the East, with frostbite in both his feet. Brand was awarded the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz for this, added to his earlier EK2 and Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen. He would never fully recover and after his final release from an 8 month hospital stay, he was sent to serve with Landessch├╝tzen-Bataillon 356 in occupied Croatia, and later with Landessch├╝tzen-Bataillon 475 in Posen (Poznan, Poland). In December 1944, just before the Bataillon was thrown into battle fighting the Russians in the Battle of Posen, he suffered from tuberculosis again and ended the war in hospital.  
  • The Soldbuch is a 100% complete with all pages, a portrait photo and lots of entries, including the issue of orthopedical shoes (following his frostbite), a captured French rifle and bayonet, and lots of extra pages inserted. It comes with his Schiessbuch from 1939.  

95.ID Soldbuch, frostbite

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