• Soldbuch to Oberschütze Albert Brieden, issued in May 1941. Brieden was a car mechanic working for Daimler-Benz and had served with the NSKK, Motorbrigade Westfalen (Motorsturm 6/M 68 Olsberg) in 1934-'35. He joined Infanterie-Regiment 744 of the newly formed 711. Infanterie-Division in May 1941, and moved to the divisional staff that same year. He must have served as a driver, obtaining all three grades of the Wehrmacht-Führerschein. The 711.ID stayed as occupation troop in occupied France for many years. After guarding the Demarkationslinie, it was moved to the Atlantikwall and deployed in the area north of Lisieux, in Normandy. Units of the division came into contact with British paratroopers jumping on D-Day, 6th of June 1944. It was then held back from the intense fighting for several weeks, waiting for the advance to the area of Cabourg, where they fought the Allies mid August 1944. By 8th of September 1944, Brieden was in the Reserve-Lazarett of Villingen, right east of the French border. He must have been wounded or gotten sick during the retreat from Normandy. Parts of his division made it to Holland and were later deployed in the East, but Brieden was still in hospital by March 1945. 
  • The Soldbuch is missing pages 11 to 14. It comes with the following extras:
    - NSKK-Ausweis in great condition, with portrait photo. 
    - Wehrmacht-Führerschein signed by a regimental commander of Inf.Rgt.744. 
    - DAF Mitgliedsbuch, complete with many stamps. 
    - The less common DAF Jahressportkarte, with portrait photo and stamps. 
    - Private photo of Brieden with his car. 
    - Wehrmachtfahrschein to Naunhof, March 1945.  

711.ID Normandy Soldbuch with NSKK Ausweis

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