• Soldbuch to Sanitäts-Gefreiter Karl Bretzler. The Soldbuch was opened on 13th of May 1941. After serving with some second line units like the Landesschützen-Bataillon 446 and the Heeres-Sanitätsstaffel Heilbronn, Bretzler was retreated from his position in the Reservelazarett of Radom (Poland) in September 1944, to be sent to the Grenadier-Regiment 982. This regiment had been destroyed in Normandy and was now being resurrected within the 272. Volksgrenadier-Division. Bretzler saw action on the Western Front with this division in the Eifel. The 272.VGD was deployed in the Belgian-German border area near Simmerath during the Ardennes Offensive. Bretzler was captured there by the Americans during the fights late December 1944 / January 1945, and received POW number 31G-796864.  
  • The Soldbuch has the pages loose from the cover, but it's a 100% complete. Notice the P.38 pistol entry.  

272.VGD Soldbuch Ardennes POW 1944

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