• Soldbuch to Gefreiter Paul Dün (?). After some time with Grenadier-(Feldausbildungs-)Regiment 635 early 1943 he joined Grenadier-Regiment 413, part of the 206. Infanterie-Division fighting on the Eastern Front. He saw nine days of close combat in the area of Witebsk in September and October 1943, all of which were nicely entered on the extra Nahkampftage paper pasted next to the Soldbuch's awards page. For this heavy fighting he earned the EKII. Early January 1944 he got wounded when the Russians launched their winter attack on the Witebsk-Orscha line. He earned the Verwundetenabzeichen and was sent back to his unit one week after but this is the last entry in the Soldbuch - likely he was captured or killed soon after.  
  • The Soldbuch is in a perfect condition, complete with all pages. A portrait photo was never inserted. Notice the initial EKII entry was officially removed and replaced with another one - likely just because the ink had stained!  

206.ID Soldbuch with 6 Nahkampftage

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