• Wehrpass to Wachtmeister Ernst Bolz. He voluntarily joined Flak-Regiment 24 in December 1938. Bolz was trained on the 8,8 cm Flak and as a Waffenmeister. In 1940, he was with Flak-Abteilung 245 in Le Havre, France. January 1941, he moved to Flak-Abteilung 524, located in Bochum. With this unit, he earned the Flak-T√§tigkeitsabzeichen late 1942, and the EK2 and the Flak-Kampfabzeichen in 1943 - undoubtly for his part in downing one or more Allied airplanes over this industrial city. Bolz was promoted up to Wachtmeister, married in January 1944 and survived the war.  
  • Wehrpass in very good and complete condition. Cover is loose.  

Flak Wehrpass France & Bochum

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