• Wehrpass grouping to Regierungsbaurat Heinrich Schelbert. As an engineer, he held an officer rank equal to Hauptmann in several Nachrichten and Nachschub units. He served on the Eastern and Italian fronts, and earned the SA Nachrichtenschein (rarely entered in Wehrpässe!), the SA Sportabzeichen, the Ostmedaille, the Romanian crusade against communism medal, the KVKII and perhaps most importantly, the Krimschild.  
  • The Wehrpass is in a used but good and complete condition. It comes with a very large folder containing 30 additional documents, too much to show or describe them all but these include a declaration of Aryan descent, unit movements, evaluation of his capacities as an officer ("Beurteilung"), and much more.   

Krimschild officer Wehrpass group

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