• Wehrpass grouping to Gottfried Egle, who served with Luftnachrichten-Regiment 13 from 1940 to 1945. He fought in Belgium, France, the Eastern Front until Summer of 1942. There, a very interesting entry was made: "Uffz. Egle hat sich am 23.8.42 beim Abschlagen eines Tieffliegerangriffs und am 3.9.42 beim Ausheben eines Partisanennestes besonders bewährt!". This type of special bravery entries, even though in this case not resulting in a bravery award, are only very rarely encountered in Wehrpässe!  
  • Autumn 1942, the Luft.Nachr.Rgt.13 was moved to France and eventually participated in the Ardennes offensive, 1944-'45. Egle survived and was released from service in May 1945. He was awarded the Ostmedaille, the Romanian Crusade against Communism award, and the KVKII. All three awards were entered twice in the Wehrpass.  
  • The Wehrpass is complete, though pages 23 to 30 are loose and partially damaged. It comes with a few extra booklets: a Zeugnisheft of the Gewerbeschule Donaueschingen, his Lehrbrief and a Berufsbuch, as well as a nice postcard sized portrait photo from around 1944.  

Anti-partisan Wehrpass, special bravery entry

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