• Soldbuch and Wehrpass grouping to Obergefreiter Albert Elbighausen. A butcher in daily life, he worked as a field cook in front line units. This included the Infanterie-Regiment 431 of the 131.ID, the Panzergrenadier-Regiment 3 "Sardinien", and then the Panzergrenadier-Regiment 200 of the 90. leichte Division. Formed on Sardinia in the Summer of 1943, this regiment saw action on the Italian Front: Monte Cassino, Firenze, Rimini, Bologna. Elbighausen was wounded once, in March 1942 on the Eastern Front. He also suffered from malaria in June 1943, with a nice hospital entry for "Ortslazarett Tuili" on Sardinia.  He earned the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz, the Ostmedaille and the KVKII.  
  • Pages are loose but the Soldbuch is complete, except for the portrait photo. Page 15 has an Italian POW stamp for "Concentramento P.G. n. 110".  
  • The Wehrpass is a 100% complete, with very nice battle list for the Italian campaign: "Kämpfe auf Korsika" with Brückenkopf Bastia, 1st and 3rd battles of Cassino, "Abwehrschlacht bei Rimini", etcetera.  

Soldbuch and Wehrpass 90. leichte Division Sardinia, Italy

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