• Wehrpass to Oberwachtmeister Wilhelm Morawietz, born in Ratibor (now Poland). He was a professional soldier who entered the Wehrmacht in 1934 and by the time the war broke out, he was an Unteroffizier in Artillerie-Regiment 28, part of the 28. Infanterie-Division. He was awarded an early EKII for the invasion in Poland, fought in the West (Belgian Ardennes and France), and was then sent to the East, all with the same Batterie. Shortly after his transfer from the Krim to the Ladogasee front near Leningrad, he was KIA on 5th of September 1942.  
  • The Wehrpass has a fantastic photo in Waffenrock, showing that he had already earned the DRL Sportabzeichen, Dienstauszeichnung IV. Klasse and a Schiessauszeichnung (in two grades) in the 1930's. The Sudeten-Erinnerungsmedaille mit Spange, EKII (for Poland), the Ostmedaille and finally the EKI (for Smolensk) were later added to that, for a total of 8 awards!  
  • Wehrpass in excellent condition, comes with a copy of his Geburtsurkunde.  

Poland EK2 Wehrpass, EK1 in Russia

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