• Wehrpass to Heinrich Kampert, who joined the Wehrmacht in September 1942, and received extensive training as a Jäger. He was not only trained on P.08 Luger, Schiessbecher and the MP40, but also on the "Selbstladegewehr" 43, and even rarer, on the "Zielfernrohrgewehr" sniper rifle. By February 1943, he was moved to the front with Jäger-Bataillon 3, and came into action in Finland. Kampert was badly wounded by shrapnel in the head on 4th of October 1943, and passed away in the Hauptverbandplatz 2/99 in Kiestinki on the 16th of November. He is buried in Salla, Block 6, Reihe 10, Grab 397.  
  • Werpass in excellent and complete condition.  

Sniper Wehrpass Jäger Finland 1943 KIA

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