• Tragic Wehrpass grouping to Unteroffizier Max Züfle. He fought for over 5 years as the Richtschütze and later commander of a Infanteriegeschütze, mostly with Infanterie-Regiment 326 and 308, both part of the 198. Infanterie-Division. He served on the Westwall, then occupied Denmark (with a rare "Einnahme von Seeland" entry for 9th of April 1940). Also fought in France in 1940, then to Romania and Bulgaria, and fighting in Russia from the first day of Barbarossa. The three pages of battles include fights in/on Dnjepr, Mius, Rostow, the Kuban bridgehead, Kursk, Charkow and Kiew. Züfle earned the Ostmedaille and the EKII in the East. The remains of the almost destroyed 198.ID were then retreated to France in the summer of 1944. After it was reinforced, the division saw action in the Alsace. There, on the very last hour of 1944, Züfle was killed in action when a shrapnel piece hit his neck on the evening of 31st of December 1944 north of Colmar. He left behind his wife Maria and his two little children, Irene and Rolf.  
  • Wehrpass in excellent and complete condition, packed with 8 years of entries. It comes with the following extras:
    • KIA Letter (Abschrift) from his Kompaniechef to the widow on New Year's Day 1945, with lots of detail.  
    • Twelve photos, in which Züfle can be recognised easily, including a Russian artillery tractor and a moving family portrait during his last leave.  
    • Two newspaper clippings announcing his death, and a postcard from the Deutsche Dienststelle with his grave location.  
    • Three four-page "Feststellung der arischen Abstammung" with the (Aryan) family tree of Züfle and his wife.  
    • Three more ID's: his Lehr-und-Prüfungs-Zeugnis, then a Gesellen-Prüfungszeugnis and Volksschule Zeugnis of his son Rolf.  

France 1944 KIA Wehrpass group

  • Product Code: DK047