• Wehrpass to Obergefreiter Eugen Fischer. The rare entry on page 7 says that this father of 4 children was imprisoned in the "Konzentrationslager Stetten", today better known as "KZ Heuberg", from 21st of March 1933 to 18th of July 1933 on political grounds. He was one of the early victims of the national-socialist regime. He arrived in the concentration camp the day after its opening, and was released after almost four months of suffering. There were about 2.000 prisoners in the KZ, mostly communist and social-democratic opposers of the regime.  
  • Fischer managed to take up his civilian life and was drafted in the Wehrmacht late August 1939. He served in Nachrichten units throughout the war. Perhaps not a coincidence, he was not entitled to one single award, despite almost six years of service. Three pages of battle lists follow his path through the Belgian Ardennes and France in 1940. He would then stay in occupied France and at the time of D-Day, he was with the Feldfernkabel-Kompanie 12/643, part of the Nachrichten-Regiment z.b.V. 618. This unit was directly responsible for the communication between the highest military command in Berlin and the Western front. The battle lists stop on D-Day, Fischer retreated through France to the Heimat with his unit and survived the war.  
  • First issue (1937) Wehrpass in excellent and complete condition.  

Wehrpass concentration camp prisoner

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