• Wehrpass to Schütze Theodor Jansen. He joined the Wehrmacht after completing his RAD service in November 1938 and was admitted to the 2. Schwadron of Aufklärungs-Abteilung (mot.) 4. Not to be mixed up with the ordinary Aufklärer of the 4.ID, this motorised Abteilung was the reconnaissance unit of the 1. Panzer-Division in Sondershausen. Jansen was trained as a driver and gunner of Panzerspähwagen - notice the entries "Kw.K. 30" and "W.K.F. Kl 2. l.Pz.Sp.Wg." on page 20-21.  
  • Jansen fought with his Abteilung in Poland 1939, as spearhead of the 1.Pz.Div., from the border fights on 1st of September 1939 to the Weichsel and the battle on the Bzura. Although page 34 of the Wehrpass is blank, he was KIA on the very last day of the division's fighting in Grabowice, 18th of September 1939. Theodor Jansen now rests in Pulawy. He was one of the only 203 killed soldiers of the 1. Panzer-Division in the Polish campaign.  
  • Rare Wehrpass to a very early KIA tank personnel soldier in excellent and complete condition.  

Poland 1939 KIA Panzerspähwagen driver Wehrpass

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