• Arbeitsbuch to Marie Rauch, a highly educated woman born in Offenbach, who even gave lectures at the Frankfurt University in the 1920's. She spoke English and French.  
  • From September 1939 to March 1943, she was living in Berlin and working for the Ministry of Propaganda (Goebbels). First with the Deutsche Informationsstelle, the publishing agency who published thousands of propaganda pamphlets, and from November 1941 she was moved to the Sonderdienst Seehaus. This office was located at the Wannsee, close to the place where the notorious Wannsee conference was held. The about 500 workers of this service were overhearing foreign radios. In April 1943, she moved to an administrative function in the Brandenburg province.  
  • Very interesting Arbeitsbuch to a woman working for the Ministry of Propaganda. The booklet is in complete and good condition.  

Arbeitsbuch Sonderdienst Seehaus (Ministry of Propaganda)

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