• Wehrpass grouping to Unteroffizier Karl Hüter. After voluntarily joining the Luftwaffe in 1937, Hüter built up a long career as a driver in several Luftwaffe units. He served with the Jagdgruppen 135 and 333 and with Jagdgeschwader 54 prewar, with Zerstörergeschwader 1 during the early days of the war, then with Jagdgeschwader 77 from 1940 to 1942. During this time, he participated in the invasion in Kreta. Later, he was with smaller Luftwaffe units occupying the island of Crete.  
  • On 15th of November 1943 he was killed during one of his transport missions on Kreta, and buried in Iraklion. He now rests in Maleme, Block 1, Grab 229.  
  • During his career, Hüter was awarded the following six awards: the Sudeten-Erinnerungsmedaille, the Goldkordel zum Ärmeltatigkeitsabzeichen für ausgezeichnete Leistungen im Kraftfahrdienst der Luftwaffe, the Ostmedaille, the KVKII, the Romanian Kreuzzug gegen Kommunismus medal and the Bulgarian Soldatenkreuz des Tapferkeitsordens III. Klasse.  
  • Apart from some scribbling on the outside cover, the Wehrpass is in a perfect and complete condition. It comes with three more complete documents: Karl's Reisepass, and the Kennkarten to his mother Gertrud and sister Rita.  

Wehrpass group Kreta KIA

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