• Extensive document grouping to Grenadier Ottmar Müller. Called up in February 1943, he mainly served with reserve and security units as he had problems with the stomach. He was first with the Reserve-Grenadier-Bataillon 498 in Diedenhofen and later Evreux (France), then after some hospital time was sent to the newly erected Sicherungs-Bataillon (M) 1220 in June 1944. This "Magen" Bataillon was composed entirely of men with stomach issues. The Bataillon was then rushed to the Invasion front, and ended up in the Festung Saint-Malo. There, it became part of the Kampfgruppe Rolschewski, mainly composed of men of the 2. Fallschirmjäger-Division. He fought in the Festung and surrendered to the Allies on 14th of August 1944, three days before the general surrender of the Atlantikwall fortress. A miner in civilian life, he had the 'honour' to work in the Belgian coal mines for almost two years before he was finally released.   
  • Center piece of the grouping is his Soldbuch, which is in excellent and complete condition. The following parts are also noteworthy:  
    • Feldpost letter sent from Diedenhofen, 1944.  
    • Postcard sized portrait photo.  
    • Schiessbuch and Entfernungsschätzbuch, both with many entries.  
    • Lots of paperwork regarding his POW time, giving exact date of captivity, further dates regarding his POW time, etcetera. This includes his American and his Belgian POW discharge form, POW letter sent from Belgium, confirmation of his work by the Belgian army, etcetera.  
    • His metal POW tag.  
    • Reisepass, complete.  
    • BRD Personal-Ausweis with postwar portrait photo.  
    • And then... many dozens of other paperwork from him and his family, giving a good view of the family life prewar, wartime and postwar. Many financial papers, notary documents, death cards of his family, photos, booklets, ... too much to present here. Overall, there is nearly 1 kg of papers included!  

Festung Saint-Malo huge Soldbuch group

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