• Document grouping to Gefreiter Karl Hofstätter. After the death of his father in 1925 and his older brother who was KIA in 1940, he ran the cinema of his family together with his mother in the Austrian town Horitschon. Called up for military service late 1942, he fought as a machine gunner with Jäger-Regiment 49 of the 28. Jägerdivision on the Leningrad front from February to September 1943. Wounded by shrapnel on the Ladoga See, he was hospitalised and did not see front line service again. Hofstätter was awarded the Hitlerjugend-Sportabzeichen and the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz.  
  • Wehrpass and Wehrstammbuch in excellent and complete condition. A few extras include:
    • Wehrstammkarte and Verwendungskarte stored in the Wehrstammbuch.  
    • Declaration of Aryan descent.  
    • Letter by his mother asking for a leave because of problems in the cinema.  
    • Several other paperwork, mostly administrative documents stored with the Wehrstammbuch, this includes police records with nice Kripo stamps.  

Jäger Wehrpass and Wehrstammbuch

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