• Soldbuch grouping to Unteroffizier Alfred Thalheimer. He entered service with Panzer-Regiment 4 in 1935. He participated in the annexaction of Austria in 1938 and by the time his Soldbuch was opened in 1939, he was ready to move from Panzer-Ersatz-Abteilung 35 to Panzer-Regiment 36 of the 4. Panzer-Division. Serving as a mechanic in the regimental Panzer-Werkstatt-Kompanie, he participated in the Western and Eastern campaigns. By the time of the invasion in Russia, the Pz.Rgt.36 had been moved to the new 14. Panzer-Division. He earned the Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse and the Ostmedaille besides his earlier Medaille zur Erinnerung a.d. 13. März 1938.  
  • By the summer of 1942 the 14. Panzer-Division pushed for Stalingrad and entered into fierce combat near and in the city afterwards. Thalheimer joined the fighting in Stalingrad, was issued a pistol on 1st of October 1942 but was very lucky to be permitted a Fronturlaub on 22nd of October 1942. Since the division was completely destroyed in Stalingrad, we can assume that A/ Thalheimer did not return from the home leave to the front mid November 1942, or B/ Thalheimer fought with the "Kampfgruppe Sauvant", composed of certain elements of the 14.Pz.Div. fighting just outside the pocket of Stalingrad. Either way, he was promoted to Unteroffizier, joined the rebuilding of the division in France early 1943, and was also awarded the EKII for the fighting in Stalingrad.  
  • Thalheimer now served as a PANTHER mechanic with Pz.Rgt.36, from October 1943 active again on the Eastern Front, and appears to have survived the war. Last entry in the Soldbuch is in November 1944, when the division fought in Kurland.  
  • The rare grouping to a Stalingrad Panzer survivor consists of:  
    • Soldbuch in very good and complete condition, with very nice Panzer wrapper portrait photo and a lot of entries.  
    • Truppenausweis from October 1935 with Panzer-Regiment 4.  
    • Militär-Führerschein from November 1936 also with Panzer-Regiment 4.  
    • Arbeitsurlaubs-Bescheinigung from May 1944.  

Stalingrad Panzer Soldbuch Pz.Rgt.36

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