Unique grouping to one of the bravest: Knight's Cross winner Hauptmann Herbert Düppenbecker. The military career of this 16. Panzer-Divison officer reads like a book. A veteran of the French and Yugoslavian campaigns, he earned the DKiG for Stalingrad and fought the Americans during the Salerno landing in Italy. He was a true combat officer who earned the Nahkampfspange in Silber and got wounded four times. As commander of the I. Battaillon of Panzergrenadier-Regiment 79, he earned the Ritterkreuz for the Baranow bridgehead in Poland, where he was also badly wounded. Düppenbecker survived the war and passed away in 1997. More information about his career can be found easily online. The group consists of the following:  

  • Wehrpass, Zweitschrift issue from May 1942, and used until December 1943 when he was temporarily released to the Führerreserve. The Wehrpass is complete and in excellent condition. It has a photo of Düppenbecker in his prewar years. The awards page lists the Westwall-Ehrenzeichen, EKII and EKI, Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen, Ostmedaille and the bronze and silver grades of the Nahkampfspange. The German Cross and Knight's Cross were had not been entered at the point the use of the Wehrpass was discontinued.  
  • Photo album with a total of 138 photos and postcards, mostly military and prewar. Multiple photos are missing. Included are postcard sized portrait photos, training, visit to the Parteigelände in Nürnberg, and a portrait of his first regimental commander, the later Generalmajor Carl André (DKiG), with personal dedication and signature on the back. Pasted on one page is an Urlaubschein from 1935, also signed by André. On the last page, Düppenbecker pasted an original photo taken in the Donbogen near Stalingrad in 1942, and a postwar portrait photo.  
  • The actual wallet that Düppenbecker was wearing when he was shot in his thigh during the fighting on the Baranow Brückenkopf, actions for which he received the Ritterkreuz. The wallet clearly shows the bullet impact and comes with his handwritten declaration providing some further details.  
  • Two fantastic postcard sized portrait photos from late 1944, on period Agfa postcards, showing all of his awards.  
  • Collection of sixteen Feldpost cards sent to him by his father during WWI, all featuring German generals and commmanders on the front.  
  • The book "Salerno" by Hugh Pond, for which Düppenbecker provided his witness account. He is indeed mentioned many times in the book. Dedicated to him by the author and with Düppenbecker's annotations throughout the book.  
  • The divisional history of the 16.Pz.Div. by Günter Schmitz, also with personal annotations by Düppenbecker (the book has one photo of him in Galicia 1944).  
  • A few more  wartime mementos and LOTS of postwar documents, correspondence and more, mostly from the Ordensgemeinschaft der Ritterkreuzträger; member lists, letters, death notices of comrades, ..... too much to show it all here. Also includes the "Fragebogen" from the Knight's Cross Recipients Association, his "Lebenslauf" and more. These provide his personal account with lots of detail about his Knight's Cross winning actions and other deciding moments in his career.  

Herbert Düppenbecker Knight's Cross Grouping - Stalingrad, Salerno, Poland 1944

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