• Rare opportunity to obtain an identity document with 100% provenance to the Fallschirmjäger landing and fighting on the Eben Emael fortress on May 10th, 1940.  
  • Belgian "Livret Militaire" or "Militärbuchlein" in German, to soldat Jules Liégeois, born 1909 in Thimister. He joined the Régiment de Forteresse de Liège in 1929, and served for two years on the Fort de Fléron, one of the fortresses of the fortified position of Liège. Called up again during the general mobilisation of 1939, Liégeois ended up in one of the newer forts of the same Liège fortifications: the Eben-Emael fort. He was present at the fort on 10th of May 1940 and fought the German Fallschirmjäger of the Sturmabteilung Koch, surrendering with his comrades the day after, on 11th of May. He spent almost five years in German captivity, likely Stalag Fallingbostel, and was liberated there late April 1945.  
  • The booklet, an identity document similar to the German Soldbucher and Wehrpässe, is an uncommon French-German version produced for the inhabitants of the small German speaking Eupen-Malmedy area, opposed to the standard French-Dutch version. It is a 100% complete and in good condition. It has original signatures of Eben Emael officers including Capitaine Jaco (who later commanded the Fort d'Embourg in May 1940), and Capitaine Vamecq, who surrendered the Eben-Emael fort on 11th of May! It comes with copies of archival documents further summarizing Liegeois' military career, and also proving that he was indeed taken POW in Eben-Emael on May 11th, 1940.  

Belgian Eben Emael POW Soldbuch equivalent

  • Product Code: DR043