• Soldbuch to Leutnant Walter Finke. This merchant from Pulsnitz was in active service during the late 1930's, though already over 40 years old by then. He was a WWI veteran earning the Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer, and participated in the annexation of the Sudetenland, earning him the Erinnerungsmedaille a.d. 1. Oktober 1938. He then served with a number of Landesschützen units, as well as the Infanterie-Regiment 648, part of the 365. Infanterie-Division occupying Poland. He was awarded the KVKII in 1940, was later with Landesschützen-Bataillon 436 in the München area and was promoted to Leutnant in April 1944. By September 1944 we see a stamp of the Kriegsgefangenen-Bau-und-Arbeits-Bataillon 203 located in Bödö, Norway. He was still in Norway by the end of the war, and in July 1945 in a POW camp in "Lagerbereich 61, Hattfjelldal".  
  • Interestingly his wife Johanna moved from Zittau to the famous town of Berchtesgaden during the war. Her address is shown as Unterkälberstein - there was (and still is!) a hotel in this location so likely she worked there. Finke was permitted several leaves to Berchtesgaden.  
  • The Soldbuch is in excellent and complete condition, with many extra pages inserted. Also of interest are three different pistol entries for a 7.65 mm pistol.  

Soldbuch officer from Berchtesgaden

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