• Soldbuch to Leutnant Anton Feldmann. By the start of his Soldbuch in August 1939 he had already reached the rank of Wachtmeister with the II. Abteilung of Flak-Regiment 24. He earned the EKII for the Western Campaign, the award was issued in August 1940 while his Abteilung was based in Oostende (Belgium), preparing for the invasion of England. During that same month, he was promoted to Leutnant. By the start of April 1941 they had left the Belgian coast for the invasion of Yugoslavia, as part of the XXXX. Armeekorps. On 11th of April 1941, Anton Feldmann was killed in Bovan, Serbia. According to the Volksbund, his body is still missing in the area of the city Nis.  
  • Lt. Feldmann was one of the very few KIA Germans during the Yugoslavian campaign. The rarity of this Sodlbuch can be displayed most easily by the exact number of German fatalities: he was one of only 151 Germans killed during the invasion of Yugoslavia!  
  • The Soldbuch is in an excellent and complete condition. A portrait photo was never inserted this early in the war.  

Yugoslavia KIA Flak Leutnant Soldbuch

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