• Soldbuch and Wehrpass grouping to Obergefreiter Otto Fischer. He served with the Wehrmacht from June 1940 till the end of the war, mostly with Vermessungs-und-Karten-Abteilung 602. This unit produced maps at the front line on the Eastern and Italian fronts. Most notable is its involvement in the battle of Stalingrad, confirmed by the "Angriffsschlacht auf Stalingrad" entry on page 32 of the Wehrpass. It stayed out of the encirclement and would later serve as Vermessungs-Batterie 602 with Heeresgruppe C in Italy from Spring 1944. Fischer was awarded the Ostmedaille and the KVKII.  
  • Both Wehrpass and Soldbuch are complete and in very good condition. The Soldbuch includes interesting entries such as winter equipment and a DWM (Luger) pistol.  

Vermessungs-Abteilung Soldbuch & Wehrpass, Stalingrad, Italy

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