• Soldbuch to Feldwebel Werner Roth. This Zweitschrift issue of September 1944 is a very interesting late war Luftwaffe Soldbuch variation, with a bright blue cover in thick cardboard and 32 pages, featuring for example an extra awards page. Roth had been awarded the KVKII mit Schwertern in September 1943 and had been serving with the 2. Staffel of Schleppgruppe 3 from at least October 1943. This unit was specially introduced to tow glider planes, his Staffel was specialised in towing the Gotha Go 242.  
  • In December 1944, his military career made a U-turn as he was deployed with the infantry, filling the lines of the (Volks-)Grenadier-Regiment 115. This regiment was part of the 47. Volksgrenadier-Division and sent to the Hürtgen forest in the area of Düren. He immediately saw fierce action and within 5 days of his arrival, the bulk of the division had been destroyed. Late December they were moved to the sector of the French-German border, where they would also participate in the Unternehmen Nordwind counterattack in the Alsace / Lorraine area. Roth survived all of these fights and we see a last entry in the Soldbuch on 10th of April 1945. He must have been taken POW in the days/weeks thereafter.  
  • Soldbuch in excellent and complete condition.  

Schleppgruppe 3 Soldbuch, 47.VGD Hürtgenwald

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