• Soldbuch to Gefreiter Ernst Hoffmann. Joining the Luftwaffe in October 1943, Hoffmann was admitted to Flugzeugf├╝hrerschule A2 even before his 18th birthday in December 1943. On 15th of September 1944, he had finished this school and joined the 4. Staffel of Schlachtgeschwader 104, a training unit flying on Junkers Ju 87 and Focke Wulf Fw 190. He must have trained on the latter, as he joined the newly formed II. Gruppe of Jagdgeschwader 106 on 11th of October 1944. A last stamp in the Soldbuch - by the Fliegeruntersuchungsstelle 2/VIII - is dated 15th of March 1945. Hoffmann was awarded the DRL Sportabzeichen in Bronze and the Flugzeugf├╝hrerabzeichen.  
  • Soldbuch in excellent and complete condition.  

JG106 Fighter pilot Soldbuch

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