• Wehrpass to Unteroffizier Leonhard Uebel. The 20-year-old Nürnberg resident voluntarily joined the Luftwaffe in October 1939. After training he served for over two years on the Schleissheim air base, and was then admitted to Bordschützen training in May 1942. Passing this test, he was admitted to the 2. Staffel of the high profile Nagdjagdgeschwader 1, at that time based on the Dutch airfields of Venlo and Gilze-Rijen, flying on Messerschmitt Bf 110. Mid February 1943, he was sent to Bordschützen training again, and later joined the Flugzeugüberführungs-Geschwader 1, transporting planes in the Heimat and the occupied Western countries. He earned the Fliegerschützabzeichen mit Blitzbündel there.  
  • Uebel finally made it back to an active night fighter unit again in April 1944, with the 3. Staffel of Nachtjagdgruppe 10, flying on the Heinkel He 219 "Uhu". Later his Staffel was also equiped with the rare Focke-Wulf Ta 154. Eventually, he was killed during a crash on 4th of June 1944. His body was moved to his widow Maria, with whom he maried only 2.5 months earlier, and buried in his home town Nürnberg. Further research may shed more light on the precise circumstances of his crash.   
  • Wehrpass in excellent and complete condition.  

KIA Nightfighter Wehrpass, NJG1 Holland

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