• Small Wehrpass grouping to Alexander Brandenburg, a car mechanic from Duisburg who joined the Luftwaffe in October 1941. After some time in Norway he followed Bordfunker training in Nordhausen in 1942-43. In August 1943 he was moved to his first active flying unit, the 2. Staffel of Fernaufklärungs-Geschwader 101 in Perleberg. From November 1943, he spent almost an entire year with the 13. and 12. Staffel of Kampfgeschwader 27 "Boelcke". He flew on Heinkel He 111 H, air bases included Jesau and Pilsen.  
  • Mid September 1944, he made a spectacular career shift: he was transferred to the SS and after a short two weeks of training, he was sent to the 2. Kompanie of the SS-Panzer-Nachrichten-Abteilung 5, part of the famous 5. SS Panzer-Division "Wiking". He was thrown into battle in Warschau, then near Modlin (Poland), then retreated with his unit through Hungary, with battles in the area of Budapest and Stuhlweissenburg, finally surrendering in the area of Fürstenfeld, Austria, on 8th of May 1945. During these fights, he was awarded the Panzer-Kampfabzeichen in Silber and the Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse late January 1945. Both entries were originally signed by SS-Obersturmführer Fritz Hanke.  
  • The Wehrpass is in a worn condition, the cover is loose but it's a 100% complete. It comes with his Bordfunkerschein, and the discharge document of his father (captured 1918 in France and sent to a POW camp in Châlons).  

5. SS-Panzer-Division Wiking Wehrpass, former KG27 Boelcke

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