• Soldbuch to Leutnant Erich Hensen. This son of an SA Sturmbannf├╝hrer from Kiel was destined to become an officer and after his studies and Fahnenjunker time, he was appointed Leutnant in April 1941. He was directed to the 2. Batterie of Artillerie-Regiment 158, part of the 58. Infanterie-Division. From the first day of Barbarossa, this division pushed for Leningrad through the Baltic states. On 6th of August 1941, Erich Hensen was killed in Sabolotje, still only 19 years old.  
  • The Soldbuch is a 100% complete and in good condition - though it has some slight burn marks on the upper edges, likely a result of the moments of his fatal wounds.  

KIA Leutnant Soldbuch - 58.ID

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