• Wehrpass to Leutnant Werner Lässig. He had been serving in the Luftwaffe since completing his RAD service in 1937. He was trained as a Luftnachrichten soldier and earned the Sudeten-Erinnerungsmedaille mit Spange and the KVK 2. Klasse for his service. During the retreat from France and the Low Countries in the autumn of 1944 - by then he had been promoted up to Fähnrich - he spent two months with the Pionier-Zug of Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 20. Notice the entry in the Wehrpass says FJR.10, but this must be a typo - as the battle list on page 30-31 connects it a 100% to FJR.20. This regiment was raised late August 1944 as Fallschirmjäger-Regiment Grassmel, named after its commander, and soon sent to the front in Belgium. The Wehrpass mentions the Maas-Schelde canal between Sint-Huibrechts-Lille and Bree, before the retreat to Weert and battles on the Maas near Venlo and Venray. Lässig finally returned to Luftnachrichten units in December 1944, was promoted to Leutnant in April 1945 and survived the war.   
  • Zweitschrift issued in 1944 as his original example was lost due to enemy action in Holland. Since it is a later example, the Wehrpass has a nice uniform portrait. Excellent condition. It comes with his POW discharge document.  

Fallschirmjäger Wehrpass FJR.20 Belgium / Holland 1944

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