• Wehrpass grouping to Obergefreiter Karl Hedderich, who served as a baker with the 36. Infanterie-Division, and was killed in action during a bombing on Trier on 7th of October 1944. Hedderich was a baker in civilian life and continued this profession in the military. He was with the 36. Infanterie-Division for over five years, fighting in France and on the Eastern Front. The Wehrpass has an impressive battle page 32/33. After its destruction near Bobruisk in the Summer of 1944, the division went on as 36. Grenadier-Division and fought in the area of Luxemburg from September 1944. A few weeks later Hedderich was killed together with a number of comrades in a bombing on Trier. His watch was the only belonging that was recovered of him.  
  • The grouping includes:  
    • Wehrpass, in excellent and complete condition.  
    • Complete award document grouping for the KVK2 and Ostmedaille, in very good condition, folded once, not punched.  
    • Lots of documents about his death, including the letter from his Kompaniechef providing more details.  
    • A number of other documents, including his Schiessbuch and Gesellenbrief.  

36.ID Wehrpass group KIA Trier 1944

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