• Small Soldbuch grouping to Pionier Franz Häussler. This Soldbuch was issued to him after he was demoted from Oberkanonier to Kanonier in January 1945. Häussler had been court martialed in Leipzig, December 1944, after a serious offense. While he had been put on transport from one hospital to another on 5th of December 1944, he had made an unauthorised stop with his family, only arriving in hospital on the 12th. He was lucky to escape the death penalty for desertion, and got away with a sentence of 4 months in prison. This sentence must have been postponed until the end of the war, and Häussler was immediately sent to a front unit as an ordinary Pionier. He received instructions to stay in touch with the Gericht der Wehrmachtkommandatur Leipzig on his whereabouts.  
  • Häussler ended up with Pionier-Bataillon 275, part of the 275. Infanterie-Division. It was at that time, January 1945, being reconstructed in the area of Flensburg after its destruction in Normandy. The 275.ID was deployed in Poland and ultimately destroyed in the Halbe pocket. Häussler was delivered into a Feldlazarett on 6th of March 1945, probably ending the war in hospital. He survived, as there are some postwar papers with the grouping. These same papers also suggest he got wounded.  
  • The Soldbuch is in complete and very good condition. It comes with several extra document including the court papers providing more detail of the circumstances of his conviction.  

Soldbuch demoted soldier, prison time

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