• Soldbuch to Major der Luftwaffe Kurt Kiep. First issue from April 1940. Kiep earned the EK2 Spange in 1940 commanding Flak-Ersatz-Abteilung 24 which invaded Denmark. The EK1 followed in 1943 - by then he had been promoted from Hauptmann to Major. He was sent from Flak.Rgt.139 (Dunkirk) to Flak.Abt.652 on D-Day 1944 and was awarded the Erdkampfabzeichen twelve days later. He retreated from the Invasion front and was finally sent to (lead?) the Luftwaffe Truppen├╝bungsplatz in Rippin, south of Danzig - now Gdansk, Poland. As the Russians advanced to this city he ended up with schwere Flak-Abteilung 387 - see the issue of a Tarnjacke on March 2nd. He was hit by a bullet later that month and died in hospital on March 20th, 1945.  
  • Fantastic officer Soldbuch featuring 8 awards, lots of equipment, and a superb large portrait photo featuring most of his awards. The Soldbuch is a 100% complete and in very good condition.  

Luftwaffe Major Soldbuch - Danzig 1945 KIA

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