• Small Soldbuch grouping to Stabsgefreiter Richard Holzer. A professional driver in daily life, Holzer was serving as a driver with a Transport-Regiment when his Soldbuch was started in September 1939. By 1940 he was with Armeenachschubführer 530, supplying the Panzergruppe von Kleist. His driving license from November 1940 contains all three driving classes. After a wound in December 1942, Holzer was moved to Panzerjäger-Abteilung 72 of the 72. Infanterie-Division fighting in the Ukraine and later Poland. In May 1944 his driving license was extended to "Maultier Halbketten-Kfz. bis 10 to.". Apart from these halftrack trucks, the Pz.Jg.Abt.72 was also equiped with StuG by that time. Holzer was awarded the Ostmedaille, Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz and the KVKII. 
  • Pages are loose, but the Soldbuch is a 100% complete with all pages and a portrait photo. It comes with the following extras:  
    • Award document for the Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwertern, signed by Generalleutnant Gustav Harteneck, Kdr. 72.ID, Knight's Cross winner. Folded, not punched.  
    • Wehrmacht Führerschein from 1940, extended to Maultier SdKfz in 1944 with signature of the Abteilungskommandeur of Pz.Jg.Abt.72.  
    • Arbeitsdank Mitgliedskarte, with nice RAD portrait photo from 1936.  
    • Document signed by the Nachschubführer 530 (an Oberst) allowing him to drive the Tankwagen vehicle.  

Panzerjäger & Maultier driver Soldbuch grouping

  • Product Code: DM200