• Soldbuch to Unteroffizier Walter Kober. Zweitschrift issue opened in January 1943 by his Kompanieführer in Panzerjäger-Abteilung 616 (Sfl.). This independent motorised anti-tank unit had been established in 1940 and equiped with Panzerjäger I. By the time the Soldbuch was started, it had converted to Marder II tank destroyers and was deployed with the IX. Armeekorps in the area of Gshatsk on the Eastern Front. Soon after, Kober was evacutated to a hospital with very severe freezing wounds, ultimately leading to an amputation. For this wound, his Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz was upgraded to a Verwundetenabzeichen in Silber, awarded in combination with an EK2. With the earlier Ostmedaille and KVK2, he was entitled to a total of five awards.  
  • The Soldbuch has the pages loose but is still a 100% complete. It comes with four more photos of Kober in 1939-40. These, along with the "old" dogtag number referring to Pz.Abw.Abt.616, suggest he was already part of the Abteilung from its starting days in 1940.  

Panzerjäger Soldbuch, Marder II, freezing wounds

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