• Soldbuch to Grenadier Albert Jahnke. First issue from September 1944. After his basic infantry training, Jahnke joined the staff of Grenadier-Regiment 1046, part of the 237. Infanterie-Division. With this division, he was continuously deployed in Istria, fighting the partisans of the Yugoslavian army. The division ultimately surrendered north of Fiume (now Rijeka, Croatia). During the last days of the war, Jahnke was shot in his right leg. He entered a Feldlazarett on 11th of May 1945, so the wound may have been caused shortly before, during or after his surrender.  
  • Soldbuch in very good and complete condition. Notice stamps by the Ortslazarett Triest (Italy) and the Platzkommandatur Laibach (Ljubljana, Slovenia).  

Soldbuch 237.ID WIA partisans Istria 1945

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