• Soldbuch to Gefreiter Johann Lenfeld, first issue from March 1942. Lenfeld was a car mechanic from Mährisch Ostrau, now Ostrava, the second largest city in the Czech Republic. He continued his civilian life as a driver and mechanic in Kraftfahr units in the Wehrmacht. Early 1945, he was added to Grenadier-Regiment 717, part of the newly formed 153. Grenadier-Division in Hungary. He was wounded during the fighting in Slovakia, late March 1945, by shrapnel in his knee. Lenfeld ended up in a hospital in Karlsbad. 
  • As the Americans approached that city, a Major Jürgens took command of a last ditch Kampgruppe, taking men from dispersed units in the city, also clearing the hospitals. Lenfeld was pushed back on his feet and joined the Kampfgruppe on 24th of April 1945. On 29th of April, he was tasked with transporting an Opel Kadett car for this unit; the Sonderausweis was signed by the commander of the Kampfgruppe, Major Jürgens. During the very last days of the war, Kampfgruppe Jürgens opposed the 1st US Infantry Division in the area of Karlsbad. Lenfeld appears to have survived.  
  • The Soldbuch is complete and in a very good condition. It comes with the forementioned Sonderausweis signed by Major Jürgens.  

Kampfgruppe Jürgens Soldbuch, Karlsbad 1945

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