• Soldbuch to Oberzahlmeister Georg Moehn. First issue from January 1940. A bank employee in Freiburg in daily life, Moehn more or less continued his job in the Wehrmacht. He was given an officer rank, first as Kriegsverwaltungsinspektor, and from December 1941 as Zahlmeister. He served most importantly with the Festungs-Nachrichtenstab 7 which was based in Dinan, France, the Kommandatur of the Pionier-Übungsplatz Breisach, on the Rhine on the French-German border, and the Pionier-Park of the Heeresgruppe Oberrhein. He must have retreated with these units after the D-Day invasion and was released from service by the commander of the Pionier-Übungsplatz Breisach on 1st of May 1945. Moehn was awarded the Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen and the KVKII.  
  • Soldbuch in excellent and complete condition, with all pages and a nice portrait photo.     

Oberzahlmeister Soldbuch - Oberrhein 1944

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