• Soldbuch to Obergrenadier Hermann Lohmann, started 1st of November 1944 by Grenadier-Ersatz-Bataillon 46. After a short training, he joined Grenadier-Regiment 36, part of the reconstructed 9. Volksgrenadier-Division. During the opening days of the Ardennes offensive, it was transported from Denmark to the West and thrown into battle. The 9.VGD fought on the Sauer and near Wilz, before defending a sector east of Bastogne against the counterattacking Americans. After losing its II. Bataillon in an encirclement on 9th of January 1945, the Grenadier-Regiment 36 was about completely destroyed by mid January.  
  • The last dated entry in Lohmann's Soldbuch is on 6th of December 1944. As he is not listed as KIA and knowing the regimental history, it is safe to say he was taken POW in the Ardennes.  
  • The Soldbuch is in an excellent and complete condition. A portrait photo was never inserted.  

9.VGD Ardennes POW Soldbuch - Bastogne

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