• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Heinz Muller. First issue from November 1939. Muller started off with the 3. Panzer-Division, serving with an MG-Kompanie of Schützen-Regiment 3, then transferred to the newly formed Schützen-Regiment 394, then to the divisional Panzerjäger-Abteilung 39. This anti-tank unit was detached from the division and sent to the 5. leichte Division in Africa early in 1941. Muller entered African soil on 14th of February 1941, as can be seen by the nice entry on page 20. He participated in the attack on Tobruk and the summer battles near Sollum. By August 1941, the 5. leichte Division was reformed into the 21. Panzer-Division. On 30th of December 1941, we see an entry on page 20 by an officer of the "Division Bardia", a division commanded by Generalleutnant Artur Schmitt, commanding the fortress of the Libyan port city Bardia. As this is the last dated entry, except for a few vaccinations going through to 1946, we can safely say that Muller was taken POW during the retaking of Bardia by the 2nd South African Division in a battle that started the day after this entry, and lasted until 2nd of February 1942. This also explains the lack of later war entries like the African-German commemoration medal.  
  • The Soldbuch has some pages loose and the cover repaired, but is still a 100% complete. A portrait photo was never inserted, as is normal for an early POW Soldbuch.  

Early DAK POW Soldbuch - Festung Bardia

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