• Small document grouping to Kriegsmarine Maat Matthias Schauf. This sailor was part of the crw of the Sperrbrecher 178 "Gauss" that was sunk near Dieppe, France, in December 1942. Included in the grouping are:
    • Award document for the Minesweeper badge in excellent condition.  
    • Original "Abschrift" of the KIA letter, informing the parents there was no hope left for their missing son.  
    • Two newspaper clippins announcing his death.  
    • Eight photos, of which one poscard sized portrait, and eight negatives (all military portraits).  
    • A five page letter from his RAD time.  
    • Three financial documents.  
    • His Facharbeiterbrief.  
  • The wreckage of the Zerstörer 178 has been discovered after the war and is frequently visited by divers. It is an official war grave - the remains of Matthias Schauf may still be there.  

KIA Grouping Sperrbrecher 178 (Dieppe, France)

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