• Soldbuch to Oberfeldwebel Otto Müller. First issue from September 1939. He served for many years with the Feldzeug-Bataillon 2, earning the KVKII in 1941. But his career took an interesting turn by autumn 1944. Müller joined the 3. Kompanie of MG-Bataillon 816, a motorised light anti aircraft unit newly formed as Heerestruppe in October 1944. He was also issued a P.38 pistol that month. With this unit, soon to be renamed into Fla-Bataillon 816, he immediately saw action on the Western Front. On 22nd of November 1944, he earned his first Nahkampftag (close combat day) in Eschweiler, east of Aachen and on the northern edge of the Hürtgenwald. Two weeks later, the Bataillon had been moved south, fighting with the 361. Volksgrenadier-Division in the Saar area on the French-German border. A second close combat day followed on 4th of December 1944 in Wingen, now Wingen-sur-Moder in the French department Bas-Rhin. The awarding of the EKII followed two weeks later, and by March 1945 he was also awarded the IAB.
  • This Soldbuch with two close combat days and two combat awards for the Western Front is in a very used condition, with loose pages, but still a 100% complete. Notice several pistol entries and his rank named as Hauptfeldwebel (acting "Spiess") on the close combat day list. 

Soldbuch Fla.Btl.816, Nahkampftage Hürtgenwald & France 1944

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