• Soldbuch to Grenadier Gerhard Pieper, issued to the 17-year-old student in Spandau near Berlin, November 1944. Pieper had previously served as a Luftwaffenhelfer and was now trained as an officer candidate. He ended up with Grenadier-Regiment 1054, part of the 85. Infanterie-Division. Fighting the Allies in the area of Leipzig mid April 1945, he was wounded by shrapnel in his left arm and shoulder on 14th of April 1945 near Grosspaschleben. He likely ended the war in hospital.  
  • Soldbuch in excellent and complete condition. It comes with two original documents about his Luftwaffenhelfer time in Berlin-Steglitz, and a copy of a document granting him the Verwundetenabzeichen and giving more details about his wound.  

Endkampf Soldbuch 85.ID, Leipzig 1945 WIA

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