• Fantastic Luftwaffe Soldbuch to Oberfeldwebel Kurt Dehmel, a Beobachter of Kampfgeschwader 2 who was awarded the Deutsches Kreuz in Gold and the Ehrenpokal. First issue Soldbuch from August 1939 by the 4. Staffel. Interestingly he served in the same Geschwader for over five years, mainly in the 4. Staffel, but also in the (reserve) 10th and 11th.  
  • Dehmel was wounded on 11th of August 1940 during the Blitz, when his Dornier Do 17 Z after starting from Saint-Léger was involved in combat over the Channel and forced to belly-land in Saint-Omer, France. The aircraft was a write-off, Dehmel and one other NCO were wounded. He quickly recovered from the wound in his thigh.  
  • Later on, Dehmel flew many more missions from France (Merville, Evreux, Achmer, Melun), in the Balkan campaign in 1941 and then in Holland (Soesterberg, Eindhoven). His first 9 awards were entered on page 22: the Dienstauszeichnung IV. Klasse, the Erinnerungsmedaille an den 1. Oktober 1938 mit Spange, the Erinnerungsmedaille an den 13. März 1938, the EKII already in September 1939, The Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz and later EKI for the Blitz, the Frontflugspange in Silber and Gold, and the Beobachterabzeichen. As the page had filled, these were repeated on an extra inlay paper and his two major awards were added in Soesterberg (Holland) in 1943: the Ehrenpokal and finally the Deutsche Kreuz in Gold on 12th of July 1943.  
  • As Dehmel suffered some medical issues in September 1944, the same time his unit was pushed back to the Heimat due to the invasion, he ended up with a guard unit in Prague and survived the war.  
  • The Soldbuch is a 100% complete and in very good condition.  

DKiG & Ehrenpokal Soldbuch KG2

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