• Grouping to Hermann Stulz, born in Freiburg, a member of the DLV - Deutscher Luftsport-Verband. The group consists of the following:
    • DLV Flugbuch für Segelflieger, Freiburg 1937, with great portrait photo in Hitlerjugend uniform, Gebietsdreieck "Süd Baden" clearly visible.  
    • DLV Arbeitsbuch für Segelflieger from 1936.  
    • Deutscher Gleitflieger-Ausweis, Freiburg 1937 - notice this is the DLV version, not the more often seen NSFK variant.  
    • Two Lehrbriefe, as a Glaser in 1939 and as a Schreiner in 1941. 
    • Kennkarte from July 1945.    
    • 50 private photos, mostly of technical nature with many glider planes.  

DLV Segelflieger Ausweis & photo group

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