• Soldbuch to Stabsgefreiter Gerhard Scholz. This Lichtenau resident's Soldbuch was opened in September 1939. Scholz served in airfield staff units for the vast majority of the war: included are Fliegerhorst and Flugplatzkommando units in Brandis, Sorau, Grottkau, and Bodö and Narvik/Moen (Norway). Early 1945, his career took an interesting turn as he was transferred to the Heer. After a short training, he joined the 7. Batterie of Festungs-Artillerie-Regiment 1350, which had just been erected for the Western front. In April 1945, he moved to his last unit, a typical last-ditch "Endkampf" one: the 2. Kompanie of Grenadier-Regiment Lübeck. Scholz survived the war and some entries suggest he was still in Allied captivity in 1946.  
  • The Soldbuch is a 100% complete and in good condition.  

Soldbuch Luftwaffe Norway, Endkampf Lübeck 1945

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