• Wehrpass to Feldwebel Alfred Schubert. A very early example started in 1936, this Wehrpass carries a military portrait, since Schubert had entered service with Infanterie-Regiment 51 in November 1935. He served two years and was then called up again in August 1939. He missed the invasion of Poland with the 221. Infanterie-Division due to problems with his appendix, but saw his first action in France 1940 with Infanterie-Regiment 633 of the 557. Infanterie-Division. He saw extensive action on the Oberrhein front, and earned a very early Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen, issued in June 1940! This is the earliest example we have seen entered in a Wehrpass.  
  • Promoted to his first NCO rank after France, Schubert fought on the Eastern Front with the staff of Grenadier-Regiment 575 of the 304.ID, and later the staff of Infanterie-Regiment 667, part of the 370. Infanterie-Division. After a serious wound, for which he received the Verwundetenabzeichen the day before his death, Fw. Alfred Schubert was killed in Melitopol on 19th of October 1943.  

370.ID KIA Wehrpass, France 1940 IAB

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