• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Manfred Schönfeld. Although employed in the aircraft industry, Schönfeld was called up at the age of 18 in August 1941. Of course his technical knowledge would be well put to use in the Luftwaffe. He served with a number of airfield staff units in Bonn, Goslar and Eschwege before he moved to the Feldwerftabteilung (mot.-Tropen) I. With this mobile Luftwaffe work shop, he was sent to Africa, as can be seen on the "Afrikazulage" entered on page 21. He was evacuated from Africa in time and continued to serve with other Feldwerft units in Italy, 1944-45, until he was transferred to the Heer on February 14th, 1945. Now a pioneer in Pionier-Bataillon 155, he fought with the 155. Infanterie-Division in northern Italy, crossing the river Po towards Venice, and surrendering in the area of Belluno.  
  • For his service, Schönfeld was awarded the Tätigkeitsabzeichen des Fliegertechnisches Personals, the Goldkordel to this same badge, the Führergeschenk and the Italian-German commemoration medal for his involvement with the DAK.  
  • Pages are loose from the cover, but the Soldbuch is complete except for the portrait photo.  

Luftwaffe DAK Soldbuch, 155.ID Italy 1945

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