• Soldbuch to Unteroffizier Heinrich Schröder. This young man from the Oldenburg area was called up in the August 1939 mobilisation, to serve with the 4. Batterie of Flak-Abteilung 266. By 1941 this unit had been moved from Hamburg to the area of Calais and Watten (near Saint-Omer) in France, where Schröder would earn the Flak-Kampfabzeichen (1941). In 1942, he was with Flak-Abteilung 156 in Saint-Nazaire, further down south in France. From February to August 1943, several entries tie him to the LW-Sammelstelle and the Hafenkommandant in Saint-Malo, Bretagne. His EKII from April 1943 also falls in this time frame. Later entries show that he moved back to the Heimat with Flak-Abteilung 887 (Bochum) and later Flak-Abteilungen 747 and 989 (Münster) after September 1943.  
  • Pages 11-14 are loose, but the Soldbuch is a 100% complete with all pages. It has a very nice photo, showing both the EKII and Flak badge, earned for his participation in the downing of Allied airplanes along the Atlantikwall in occupied France.  

France Atlantikwall Flak Soldbuch

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