• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Franz Schüller. Zweitschrift issued in November 1943, after he was released from hospital in Haguenau (now France), suffering from an arm wound caused by a bombing. Schüller was trained as an SdKfz driver, according to his Führerschein. He joined the I. Abteilung of Werfer-Regiment 71 - likely in March 1944, when he was also issued an MP41 machine pistol. His regiment retreated from the Monte Cassino area with the 5. Werfer-Brigade into the Liri-Tal, then to to Arno west of Firenze. Early September 1944, it was sent to the Rimini front. Schüller then fought with his unit on the river Po on both sides of the "Via Emilia", and on the river Senio, retreating to Südtirol in the closing stage of the war.  
  • The Soldbuch is complete with all pages and a portrait photo, and in very good condition. It comes with his Wehrmacht-Führerschein issued in January 1944 for "Zugkraftwagen bis 10 ton".  

Werfer Soldbuch Italy 1944/45

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