• Soldbuch to Kanonier Otto Kleemann, who joined Werfer-Regiment 84 after completing Nebelwerfer training early 1945. The Werfer-Regiment 84 was at that time attached to the 5. Panzerarmee during the Ardennes offensive. It later fought with the 1. Armee in the Saarpfalz. An interesting extra paper pasted on the inside of the Soldbuch cover says that Kleemann was only to be used as "Nebeltruppe" personnel. This piece of paper was signed by his Batteriechef in 4./Werf.Rgt.84 while retreating from the Ardennes mid February 1945.  
  • The Soldbuch is a 100% complete, with some water damage but all entries readable and in good condition.  

Werfer Soldbuch Ardennes 1945

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